Creating Web Apps in iOS

Lots of ways to make your website/application run as a full screen iOS 'app.' Google the subject and you'll be spoilt for choice.

The biggest problem I had was after I'd finished the basics: created a homepage icon, set the website to be full screen capable (etc). The front page of my web app opened full screen, but as soon as you click on a link (internal or otherwise), mobile Safari is opened for the target page and all the full screen, app-like goodness is gone.

Embedding Phone Numbers with HTML5 for iOS

Snippet to embed contact data in a web page so that an iOS device can recognise text as a phone number or as contact data. Use the 'itemprop' attribute, although you can also wrap the div in a 'vcard' class, and setting the class of the phone number span to 'tel' seemed to do funky things too:

<div itemscope>
  <span itemprop="name">Rob Carr</span>
  <a class="nowrap" href="" itemprop="email"></a>
  <span class="nowrap" itemprop="tel">+44 1234 567 890</span>

Install Drupal Remotely with SSH & Drush

A brief guide on how to make yourself more productive by using the command line to install Drupal on a server: either a local, development or live system.

Create a Drupal Module Patch With Git

I thought I'd written my last bit of code over 10 years ago, but here I am struggling with all this new-fangled technology and inevitably tweaking module code that makes up the great Drupal open source empire.
A quick way to generate a patch for a module you want to tweak is using Drush and Git.

1. Download the module to your test environment with Drush. FFS don't do code development on a live site - kittens will die and you might (quite rightly) lose your job.
drush dl [module-name]

Coding Drupal in Dreamweaver CS5

I've used big IDEs in the past: all the Drupal gurus/ninjas/whatever use Eclipse, Netbeans or something way over the top. My big project programming days are well and truly over - kicked the arse out of it over the years in BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN, CORAL, ADA, Java and C++. When I started using Drupal to build websites, my aim was to avoid touching its underlying language, PHP.  Managed that for 2 years, but recently have had to geek out to do a few cheeky things, either in the theming layer or some simple modules.

Theming Drupal [Node] Links

I spent ages trawling the internet trying to find easy ways to change the little links that Drupal attaches to each node ('Add new comment') and either remove them, change them to icons or shuffle the order. Options available include: