Rhetoric - Flexible Content

The internet is full of junk. A staggering amount of junk: 1 million websites launched each day; billions of packets of content also tweeted, bookmarked, shared or otherwise thrown into the bubbling cauldron of human endeavour. Apparently, there are even 2 million ways to unlock a sink. OK, there are 2 million websites that claim to show you how to unblock a sink. Some do. Most don't.

Optimising Content for Search Engines

There are 3 main ways people are going to visit your website:

Creating a Custom 404 (Page Not Found) Page in Drupal

In the event of an HTTP 404 error ("Page not found") this PHP snippet will render a site search form, but will take keywords from the user's erroneous URL and pre-populate.

Create a new node (node/add/page), and ensure you can enter PHP code in your page body (check input filters).

Insert the following code into the body of your new page: