Local Authority Website

Argyll and Bute Council homepage at launch in April 2023

A migration of an existing Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9 (and then upgraded to 10), implemented with the Local Gov Drupal distribution, and included integration with third party payment and search (Cludo/Solr) systems. The LGD was significantly extended with additional content types and functionality, plus a custom theme. Cognimatic was the lead…

Local Authority Website Election Results

Snapshot of election results

Developed a Drupal FPTP elections feature with Views, custom content types/taxonomies and custom modules, which was integrated in to the Shadow Cumberland Council website (based on Local Gov Drupal) to support elections in May 2022.

Research Project (Treescapes) Website

Treescapes: Voices of the Future home page (2023)

A new site designed and implemented in Drupal 9 (then upgraded to Drupal 10) to support the Treescapes: Voices of the Future project. The site contains articles and general points of reference, but also included embedded interactive (H5P) activities and integration with Shorthand. Includes a custom theme and modules.

University Website Redesign and Analysis

Proposed content model for new website

A content audit and detailed analysis for the James Hutton Institute, reviewing 20K+ content nodes and interviewing key stakeholders to design personas and elicit user needs for a proposed new website. Analysed and developed a potential data model for new website, in order to facilitate migration from an existing Drupal 7 site. Heavy use of…

Professional Membership Institute

ICIAM website homepage (2022)

Sites for the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, to cover matters of professional interest and membership. Initially a Drupal 5 to 7 migration, newsletter composition/distribution plus meetings management features were subsequently added. 

A separate site ( was created to manage nominations…

Document Management System

Homepage of Urenco IMS

Developed a standalone knowledge base application in Drupal 7 and Solr for users at Urenco UK to find safety-critical and audited documents. The system incorporated multiple taxonomy vocabularies and ISO-based classifications to minimize the ‘clicks’ required to find important documents. The IMS also included a review system with alerts to…