Privacy Policy

This website ( collects some Personal Data of its Users. In simple terms we collect the following:

  • Some personal info if you send us a message via the online contact form. This also includes the sender's IP address, only used if we need to block malicious actors.
  • If you visit this site, it automatically checks if you have JavaScript enabled. If it does (and most do) it stores a simple 'Yes. JavaScipt is enabled' cookie to speed this process up next time you visit.
  • The CMS for this website (Drupal) will store a few basic cookies if you log in to remember you for a short period. Currently, nobody outside Cognimatic can log in to this site.
  • We collect anonymous data (without cookies) to evaluate which browsers and OSs visitors use. Such data only includes countries of origin for each visitor. All data is only processed by Cognimatic Limited, not passed to any 3rd parties and is purely to check technical performance.

Cookie consent (and that really annoying pop-up, asking you to "opt in") is not needed because:

  • Tracking cookies are not used.
  • The data is not used for any other purpose than analytics.
  • Visitors aren’t tracked across websites.
  • A user cannot be tracked across days within this website.

Cognimatic Limited is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for data protection.


Latest update: 24 Aug 23