Our work

Solving problems and building complete online products:
- Rapid website building.
- Web and software applications.
- Structured information design.
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Cognimatic creates feature-rich, structured content systems, building websites and web applications that you can control and maintain yourself.

We also build secure, browser-based and standalone software applications to solve specific business and technical problems: anything from simple data collection to collaborative management dashboards.

Content Management and Governance

We build management portals and dashboards, and model your business's processes, resources and relationships. You can improve control of your enterprise and enhance the quality of your business by having valuable information at your fingertips. 

Web Applications

We can build secure, server-based software to solve your specific problems, giving your application cross-platform compatibility. We use rapid prototyping to develop an accurate model that interacts efficiently with your users and systems, keeping development time and costs to a minimum.

Website Specialist Services

In addition to full site development, we support your next project with any of the following services:

  • Data modelling and visualization, including GIS and mapping.
  • Drupal theme and custom module development, including migrations.
  • Information system design: Requirements analysis; Use case definition; Wireframe design; Information architecture.
  • Training and consultancy services.

We can also provide specific contract services to support your particular project or augment your own development team.