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Treescapes Site Launched

A new website for 'Treescapes: Voices of the Future' project built in Drupal 9 with integration to H5P. Also includes a bibliography management system, news and blog articles, mapping, events, publishing workflow and layout design.

Treescapes - home page screenshot

No Opt-in popup message

Look! No annoying pop-up.

We decided to remove Google Analytics to track user behaviour on this website. Without specific, targeted campaigns, there isn't really the business need for detailed analysis of users on this website. And because we're no longer using 3rd party tools to capture data, we don't need that annoying pop-up for you to opt in to surrendering your personal data.

Google is clearly the market leader for search and browsing, as well as dominating the mobile device market [with Android]. It has its place. But not here. Any more.

Setting Up Apache Solr to Work With Drupal 7 on Lando

A few out of date articles are online on Apache Solr working with Drupal on Lando. Google et al will give you a few close recipes for Drupal 8 but have some errors. The sequence below is tweaked for Drupal 7 - pretty similar approach for Drupal 8, although you can use a newer version of Solr with D8/9.

You need to alter .lando.yml to following:

How to Apply Patches in Drupal 8 & 9 with Composer

  1. Install Composer
  2. Install Drupal and desired modules using Composer guide composer create-project drupal/recommended-project
  3. Install relevant modules, for example composer require drupal/yearonly
  4. Install Cameron Eagans patches plugin using composer require cweaga

Online Meeting Etiquette

Simple rules for online meetings:

Focus on the content

I've been writing a few reports and a lot of documentation recently, and have gone from the ubiquitous Microsoft Word to using iaWriter. No more farting about with page numbers and positioning images: I've focussed on the content and not the appearance, and have been far more productive.