Encryption IS Way Ahead

HTTPS/SSL offers end-to-end encryption for website browsing and transmission of sensitive information.
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We recently launched a small website (https://iciamprizes.org) as a companion site to the main ICIAM website. It's the first time we've pushed a client to adopt SSL for all site visitors, and something we will encourage for all future sites.
In simple terms using HTTPS offers end-to-end encryption, particularly important if you are asking site visitors to submit important data; such an approach is valid to passing your login details. So this prevents malicious users intercepting such data (it's quite easy - a quick Google search shows how: https://goo.gl/mWd0cv).
The other significant reason is that Google announced 12 months ago that sites that provide HTTPS will be prioritised in search rankings. Although unencrypted sites (ie, with http:// prefix) won't be blacklisted, this is certainly a step in encouraging a more secure internet.
You'll also notice that Cognimatic's site is now SSL. Get used to it, and expect it on all websites, especially if you are being asked for personal data.