Articles from 2019

Why I've Not bothered With Drupal 8

Why I've Not bothered With Drupal 8 (yet)... A potentially contentious topic discussed at in 2019, really to discuss why Drupal 8 changed so much from Drupal 7 and some routes forward.

I'll write some notes up at some point, but this is a link to the slides.

"I thought this was quite a dry subject title, but it was actually a really interesting presentation." (Attendee at DrupalCamp Scotland 2019)

Building a Website

A simple checklist for starting out on building your new website. Not an exhaustive list, but gives you some idea of what goes in to building even a small website: - What's the point? - Who's it for? - What functionality do we need? - What constraints do we have?

How much should a website cost?

Well, how long is a piece of string? It just depends...

The major influence is how much you are prepared to invest in your own enterprise - do you want to look cheap and cheerful, or do you want to be seen as reliable and prestigious? It's your call really.