Articles from 2011

Create a Drupal Module Patch With Git

I thought I'd written my last bit of code over 10 years ago, but here I am struggling with all this new-fangled technology and inevitably tweaking module code that makes up the great Drupal open source empire.
A quick way to generate a patch for a module you want to tweak is using Drush and Git.

1. Download the module to your test environment with Drush. FFS don't do code development on a live site - kittens will die and you might (quite rightly) lose your job.
drush dl [module-name]

Mobile: Web vs Native App

The term 'app' is thrown around a lot: it's in the news a lot and we are constantly prompted to 'download our app' on websites. An app is application software, which delivers a specific set of functions; the most visible apps are the mobile applications commonly used on smartphones and tablets.

There are two types of apps you will encounter:

  • Web apps
  • Native Apps

Each have their own merits, but it's important to understand the distinction between the two.