Our expertise

We can help model your business resources and processes and build you tailor-made applications:

  • To reduce staff or admin costs
  • To automate tasks or improve performance.
  • To expand your business and its capabilities.
  • Help avoid costly software subscriptions.

Cognimatic specialises in system and information analysis to develop data management applications and help you look at your enterprise from many perspectives. We are champions of 'Create Once, Publish Everywhere'.

Our approach

After an initial customer scoping discussion, we adopt agile methods to rapidly prototype any application. Several iterations are usually required so that we thoroughly understand the client's needs; this typically helps the client better understand the problem they face. During this development we are aiming to:

  • Build an accurate model.
  • Identify key business goals and required capability.
  • Understand the users and systems that need to interact with this model.
  • Develop a pragmatic user experience, from data capture to report generation.
  • Reduce time and cost to a minimum.

Previous Work

Cognimatic has delivered many applications for businesses, charities and NGOs, including a project to manage refuse collection in post-earthquake Haiti; data collection and reporting for industrial waste collection; a system for capability assessment in the North Sea Oil industry; document management in safety-critical environments.

Web Application

Software typically accessed through a cross-platform browser via the internet or a secure intranet. The main number-crunching power and data storage is on a centralized server, so information can be easily shared between users in different locations, and accessed via a multitude of devices. The application can be maintained and updated centrally, and various options for security and user access can be implemented. One or more web applications can also be integrated into a more conventional website. Examples of typical web applications are email, online retail, surveys, wikis etc.

Native App

The world is now swamped with 'apps' - which are known as 'Native Applications.' Such apps are purchased and downloaded via an online store (or boxed versions purchased in a bricks and mortar shop), then installed on the device concerned. Such apps typically have a more rapid response and are not reliant on a fast network connection; however, it is difficult to share data, keep the application updated and far more expensive to implement for multi-platforms. 

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